UFC RIO Winners!

UFC Rio Silva vs Okami
UFC Rio Winners

The Brazilians were 8-1 in a night of redemption at UFC Rio de Janeiro. The three biggest fights of the night had all three brazilians winning in convincing fashion.

Nogueira vs Schaub
The Young heavy hitting Brendan Schaub had the popular vote for winning “Knockout” of the night but Nogueira — coming off 2 devastating knockout loses against Frank Mir and Cain Velasquez — had different plans in store for Schaub. Late in Round 3, Nogueira connected with a huge overhand right that wobbled Schaub and had him hurt. Nogueira continues with a flurry of punches, dropping Schaub face first to the canvas.
Rua vs Griffin

Going into UFC Rio, Forrest Griffin said he would prove the first meeting between Shogun Rua and himself was no fluke. Needless to say it was Rua who avenged his first UFC loss by landing some very solid hammer fists to Griffins head.

Silva vs Okami
“The best EVER!” Is what UFC president, Dana White Tweeted after Anderson Silva’s effortless, beat down of Yushin Okami in UFC Rio de Janeiro. Once again the Spider proves that he is the best fighter P4P in MMA by completely taking apart the big Japanese middleweight in Yushin Okami. “He breaks all the rule” Kenny Florian said of the Middleweight Champion as Silva jived and moved with his hands completely at his side. The first knockdown is caused by a stiff jab that sends Okami to the seat of his pants. The two exchange for a bit then the champion Silva lands a crushing right dropping Okami again! Silva smells the blood and begins to land a series of knees, elbows and punches to Okami giving the Spider a TKO victory.


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