Condit vs Diaz Running High!

UFC 143 Condit vs Diaz Running High!
UFC 143 Condit vs Diaz Running High!

Ah yes, the debacle that was the UFC 143 Main event! Condit – Diaz fighting for the UFC interim-welterweight title looked to be a “dog fight”, at least that’s what Condit told the press during numerous interviews. What this fight ended up being was an unsatisfying cat and mouse game from rounds 1-3. With Nick Diaz coming forward and being the aggressor, Condit was happy to just duck and run from a Diaz assault. it wasn’t until midway through round 3 that Condit picked up the pace and landed some great kicks. Round 4 looked to be Condits best round of the whole fight. Condit got off some great combos while Diaz tried to find the ever illusive Condit. Then comes the final round. This was the deciding round and I gave round 5 to Diaz for his effortless way he took Condits back. Like Diaz trainer had said during UFC Primetime: “The clock is Diaz’s worst enemy!”


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