Never Say Never!

Never Say Never
Never Say Never

Randy “The Natural” Couture has signed a deal to partner up with Bellator and Spike TV, and apparently Dana was none too pleased with the way things went down. “I don’t respect him at all!” were the words Dana White said when asked about Randy Couture in a recent interview with MMA Weekly. Dana went on to say “Randy Couture can’t buy a ticket (to the UFC).”

We all know Dana is a guy who wears his heart on his sleeves, but we have also heard him fly off the deep end and say things he doesn’t necessarily mean. For instance; Dana was “disgusted” with Nate Marquardt after Nate had failed his medicals for UFC on Versus 4. Dana went on to say, “He’s been cut from the UFC… he won’t fight for the UFC ever again.” However, Nate is set to make his well anticipated return to the octagon this year.

Back in early 2011, Dana was asked if Women’s MMA had a place in the UFC. Dana’s response was simply, “Never!” Today not only has Women’s MMA made it to the UFC, Women’s MMA will headline UFC 157 Live  Saturday February 23, 2013 on PPV!


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