Kovalev-Ward: Takin’ It From The Champ…Vegas Style

Sergey Kovalev vs Andre Ward
Takin’ It From The Champ…Vegas Style

Kovalev-Ward was a close fight and I am not arguing that, however, Sergey Kovalev should have been the clear winner in Las Vegas, NV, November 29, 2016. On my score card Kovalev clearly won Rounds 1 through 5. Kovalev held his own in the middle rounds during Ward’s cute ‘comeback’, chalking up a least a couple rounds. Kovalev fought enough in the final three CHAMPIONSHIP rounds. Ward had some moments in the middle rounds with good body work. Toward the later rounds Ward resorted to clinching, holding and dirty boxing. Not one judge gave Kovalev round 10! I was blown away to say the least. “Whelp the Las Vegas judges had it unanimous so it must be right.” Ward lost a close fight, even HE knew it!

Tyson Fury and the Heavyweight Problems in Boxing

Tyson Fury and the Heavyweight problems in boxing
Tyson Fury and the Heavyweight problems in boxing

With suspension looming, Tyson Fury has vacated his WBA, WBO and IBO world titles and is no longer a world heavyweight champion. An investigation into both Fury’s anti-doping violation and his mental health issues are pending. Hopefully Tyson can get his life in order and return to the Squared circle.

Throwback Boxer vs Today’s Boxer

Throwback Boxer vs Today's Boxer!
Throwback Boxer vs Today’s Boxer!

UFC’s Middleweight contender Gegard Mousasi said it best after UFC 204.

Gegard Mousasi: “McGregor is good for the sport, but uhh. But what is it?” Mousasi says about the reason for his popularity. “You had Muhammad Ali, who was a hero, great boxer. He did a lot, did big things. But now you have Mayweather and Conor McGregor “I have money! I have money!” and everybody loves it! I don’t know. That sells. People are stupid, what can I say?”

Cris Cyborg Comic Book Cover

Cris Cyborg Comic Book Cover
Cris Cyborg Comic Book Cover

I had fun drawing this fictitious Comic book cover. Cris Cyborg is a true savage. She is regarded as one of the top Pound-for-pound fighters today, and is a pioneer of women’s MMA.