Golovkin’s Road To The WBC Middleweight Title.

Golovkin's Road To The Middleweight Title!
Golovkin’s Road To The Middleweight Title!

Lou DiBella has made it known to the boxing world that he has no interest in the match up between current WBC middleweight champion, Sergio Martinez and hard hitting rising star Gennady Golovkin. “No way Golovkin doesn’t draw a dime!” said DiBella about a possible match with Martinez. Which is interesting being his fighter, Martinez was given a huge opportunity to fight a big name in Julio Caesar Chavez Jr. The way I see it, without fighting a big name like Chavez, Martinez would not do well fighting a Murray in the states. That is why the April 27 fight between Martinez – Murray will take place in Argentina where Martinez has a bigger fan base.

Come on Lou, don’t you think the GGG hype train is far more lucrative than say a fight with a relatively unknown Martin Murray?