Pac-man VS One Time – Who Wins this Welterweight War?!

Pac-man VS One Time - Who Wins this Welterweight War?!
Pac-man VS One Time – Who Wins this Welterweight War?!

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao WBA welterweight Champion

Pacman Manny Pacquiao WBA Champion
39 year old Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao became the WBA welterweight Champion by knocking out Lucas “The Machine” Matthysse.

Pacquiao vs Matthysse – Can Pac-Man Short Circuit The Machine?!

Pacquiao vs Matthysse - Can PacMan Short Circuit The Machine?!
Pacquiao vs Matthysse – Can PacMan Short Circuit The Machine?!

Freddie Teddy April 9 Live On PPV

Freddie Roach vs Teddy Atlas April 9, Live on PPV
Freddie Roach vs Teddy Atlas April 9, Live on PPV #pacquiaoBradley3

Here is an illustration of two of the most animated and outspoken trainers in boxing. Freddie Roach, Teddy Atlas and their fighters will collide in the square circlw Live, April 9th in Las Vegas, NV.

Manny Pacquiao’s New Home

Manny Pacquiao's New Home
Manny Pacquiao’s New Home

I will probably get a lot of flak from Floyd Mayweather supporters for drawing this cartoon, but oh well. I wanted to draw this particular comic strip because when anyone mentions Manny Pacquiao around Floyd Mayweather, Floyd gets worked up and defensive. However, when you mention Floyd Mayweather to Manny Pacquiao, Manny could care less and doesn’t resort to bad mouthing Floyd. It’s perfectly clear that Floyd has no interest in fighting Manny Pacquiao. I don’t get it. Floyd has always stated that fighting is about the money. Well, Mayweather vs Pacquiao would be the most lucrative fight in boxing history if it were to happen. So, I don’t understand why Floyd will not fight Manny or why he continues to berate Manny’s boxing skills? They say you’re as good as your last fight. If that’s the case then Floyd has absolutely no room to talk crap about Manny or his skill sets. Manny just finished a virtuoso performance against a young, hungry and undefeated champ in Timothy Bradley. On the other hand Floyd looked below average against a fighter who has lost four fights–one of them to Amir Khan, an opponent who was a choice for the May 3, 2014 Mayweather sweepstakes.

If Manny is not on “Floyd’s level” why not take the easy pay day Floyd? After all this would be the highest paying fight on record, and Floyd’s made it perfectly clear that he is all about them Benjamin’s. As UFC fighter, Nick Diaz would so eloquently put it, “Don’t be scared homie!”

The Return of the Filipino Flash!

Nonito Donaire's return
Nonito Donaire's return

Nonito Donaire returns to Bantamweight boxing November 5, 2011 after clearing up promotional issues between Top Rank and Golden Boy promotions. Now that Donaire has a new contract with in place with Top Rank,  the Filipino Flash is looking to fight one more fight at bantamweight before moving up to junior featherweight.

This illustration says it all. Nonito is one of three — Sergio Martinez and Manny Pacquiao are the other two —  super elite boxers in the world today. The name Filipino Flash suits him well because this guy can pick you apart with calculated punches and swift foot work.